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Ellem cartoon

Lennart Moberg (Ellem) has ever since 1973 been active in creating and delivering images and illustrations to media (newspapers and magazines, TV, etc.), but also works generally as an artist with paintings, sketches, portraits, scriptwriting comics and computer graphics/animations.

Lennart began his career as a cartoonist and has appeared in such magazines as Lilla Fridolf, Buster, Seriemagasinet and Fantomen (the Ghost who walks). The latter is considered as the big elephant in the comic world and is distributed, not only in Sweden and Scandinavia, but in most countries in Europe and published as far away as Australia. As years has passed, Lennart broaded his operations and worked with both large and small events. Surprisingly the comic style fits almost everywhere commercially in attempt to get a message attached to a product or similar. Gothenburg University, Örebro University, the companies McDonalds, Pripps Blå, SCA and others are some major companies/institutions who has engaged Lennart throughout the years.

In collaboration with others, he illustrated books, magazines, In addition that he himself writes articles and illustrate.

Portrait Paintings are also included in the repertoire. To the delight of both companies / instutitions and individuals who want to woo a jubilar he provides a portrait of the same. Usually with a humorous "touch" that appeals.

Murals have come in focus and as wall painter Lennart has worked well. To adorn an entrance, boring offices etc. tend to be successful and the municipality has ordered such jobs from Lennart to the satisfaction of all.

Christmas cards/postcards has also been produced a lot over the years. Although the Christmas card volume has declined, around 65 million Christmas cards each year has been delivered. Some kind of business cards, invitations cards, thank you cards, is also in the portfolio.

Media is a part where Lennart has been active as illustrator/graphic designer for many years. Daily and weekly press and Television. Regarding the SVT, he has served as trial subscribers in for many years.

Advertising, magazines, pictures, books and other printed materials requires a knowledge of digitized delivery. Lennart is largely digitized nowadays. A must when developments on the media side, above all, rushes forward with tremendous speed. Animations, graphics, drawings, films and even paintings can be delivered digitally. Articles for magazines are also produced. On their own or in cooperation with others. Naturally illustrated. Besides the above mentioned, Lennart tries to create some own creations for his amusement. It has not been as much as he would like, but he produced some. There is a varied bag of both acrylic paintings, watercolors ink drawings/paintings and a lot of digital work. The motif vary. Do you want to see more of Lennart's production, click ellem...