Norrkoping is a locality in the municipality of Norrkoping in Ostergotland, Sweden, and is the chief town of the municipality and is located at end of Braviken. The city lies on both sides of Motala River which runs through the city. Norrkoping is Sweden's tenth largest city and had a number of 87,247 inhabitants in 2010. In 2016 the municipality of Norrköping had a total of 137,326 inhabitants.

Norrkoping is historically an old industrial commercial and shipping town. The textile industry was, for example, until the 1960s, the base in the city's business community. Of the textile industry remains nothing today. Instead, paper, logistics, transportation, electronics, media etc. is what dominates the business environment in Norrkoping. Campus Norrkoping (Linkoping University) has a large business there and it has led to that a variety of small and medium-sized companies, with ties to the university, were established. Norrkoping also boasts both airport and port. For example, the airport "Kungsangen" is Swedens fourth largest charter location. Norrkoping harbor is one of the largest and is a major port for the entire Baltic Sea with its central location related to both, above, mention airports, road and rail.

Culture has its place in Norrkoping. A number of theaters, museums, music, forums, etc. frames the cultural life in Norrkoping. Theatres such as Arbisteatern (abbreviation of Norrkoping Workers' Association) and Ostgotateatern. Big Swedish names who worked in the theater is Edvin Adolfsson, Ernst-Hugo Jaregård and Norrkoping big son  itself, "Tjadden" Hallstrom. Art Museum, City Museum and Work Museum are popular and frequently visited. When it comes to music so there we find Norrkoping Symphony Orchestra which has grown greatly. Crescendo (a music association) started its operations in 1959 and annually arranges some 70 concerts, mostly in jazz. The group Eldkvarn (with frontman Plura) was formed in Norrkoping in 1971, has certainly moved to Stockholm, but over the years has often praised the old hometown.

Norrkoping is also linked intimately with sports such as football, basketball, hockey, speedway etc. Who has not heard of IFK Norrkoping, Norrkoping Dolphins, Vita Hasten, Vargarna etc.

So altogether ... Norrkoping today is a city with a strong economy, culture, sports and leisure, school, health care, tourism, etc.. Quite simply, a city on the rise.